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So As Not To Disturb, Read First The Ethics Of Visiting A New Born Baby

When your family or friends have just given birth, you want to immediately visit and see the baby in person. Wait a minute, lest your visit is not exciting, but instead troublesome, you know. Come on, see the signs. Being a new mother is a joyous thing, but sometimes it can be a very tiring period. Adjusting to a new everyday with a baby is not easy. Most mothers who give birth can only go to bed before morning, while at the same time still need to do homework.

Things that need to be prepared and considered

Before rushing to visit a mother who has just given birth and her baby, you should pay attention to the ethics of visiting a newborn, as follows:
  • Ask the right time

  • Maybe you think that office hours or weekends are the right time to visit newborn babies. However, it might not be the case for the mother and baby you want to visit. Before visiting, you should ask first, when is the right time to come. Do not let the mother who is inconvenienced caring for the baby, suddenly the arrival of guests without prior notice.
  • Help the mother who just gave birth

  • Maybe this sounds strange, because usually the host serves guests. But, because a mother who has just given birth must feel exhausted, especially if she is taking care of the baby alone, ask what you can help or give. You can help clean up the house, such as washing dirty dishes or sweeping. This of course you can do if you are close enough.
  • Do not carelessly touch the baby

  • You need to be aware that newborns are vulnerable to bacterial or viral infections that adults may carry. It's good you only see, but not touch the baby. But, if the mother allows holding her baby, wash your hands or use instant hand sanitizer first. But from the beginning you should avoid being close to your baby if you have a cold, cough, sore throat, or are experiencing other illnesses, especially those that are contagious.
  • Be careful when carrying a baby

  • When holding a newborn baby, make sure the neck and head are well supported. Also, make sure you don't shake his body, even if it's just playing around or just wanting to wake him up. Shaking a newborn can cause brain hemorrhage, even death.
  • Avoid kissing the baby

  • Avoid kissing a newborn baby because the immune system is not strong and has not received a complete vaccination, so it is easily infected. Influenza, as well as other respiratory infections that you may be experiencing, can transmit diseases that harm your baby.
  • Bring food or other gifts for the mother

  • Many people bring gifts for newborns. Even though mothers who have just given birth also need to be given gifts, you know. The form does not need anything. Even his favorite food can be a very meaningful gift. He may not have time to cook or take care of himself because of the hassle of taking care of a baby. Besides that, it is fun for a new mother to help her facilitate breastfeeding and take care of your child.
  • Avoid talking about yourself or giving excessive advice

  • You should not ask questions such as whether you are giving birth by cesarean or normal, or you are giving milk or formula milk. Questions that you think are simple can sometimes make the person you are visiting uncomfortable. Especially if you talk more about your own experiences during childbirth. Also avoid giving excessive advice about how he should treat the baby.
  • Respect the privacy of mothers and babies

  • It is better if you leave the room if the mother you are visiting will breastfeed or your baby will suddenly cry because he feels uncomfortable.
It turns out there are many things to consider when visiting a newborn baby. You can also try to put yourself in the position of a mother with a newborn baby, so as to better understand her condition and needs. So make sure your visit can help them be more comfortable, yes.